Monday, December 14, 2009

MONDAY MORNING JAB: "Get Focused" ...Period!"

Last week was a huge trial for me. I found myself in a court of law accused of something that I clearly was not guilty of. During the days leading up to it I found it very difficult to focus on specific projects of a critical nature. It's hard to focus when you have a 100 pound legal gorilla on your back. Thanks to Allah (God), my attorney, my family and the power of the truth and FOCUS things went well for me. I highlight the word "focus" because that is what it took to get me out of the situation. As painful as it was and as much as I did not wish to deal with it I had to put more important things out of my mind temporarily so that I could be ready to properly defend myself. Such is the power of focus. I don't know about you  but if my mind were a road it would be a Chinese expressway. It is constantly racing with thoughts, ideas and images. I'll be honest. Sometimes it's difficult to make prayer without my mind wandering.  Whenever I find my mind drifting while praying I have to force myself to restart the prayer and say it with sincerity, measuring every word to my Lord. Once I've finished that focused prayer I am absolutely energized and recharged. Just as we must me mindful to be in the right spirit and focus during prayer, we should practice the "art of focus" in everything we do. We must concentrate on one thing at a time and not allow the Chinese expressway to dominate our lives. In my opinion "multi-tasking" is sometimes overrated and can lead to poor performance. The time that you thought you saved by multi-tasking you end up squandering when you have to go back to "do it again." But multi-tasking in and of itself still requires great focus. Every great boxer learns to fight one punch at a time. Every great chess player learns to play one move at a time. It takes intense focus and concentration to to be great at anything in life. This week be careful not to get bogged down in everything and end up accomplishing nothing. Set goals for yourself, create a prioritized list of things to do and FOCUS on one thing at a time with the goal of perfection. Don't "just do it", do it right this week. Make a concerted effort to turn of Twitter, Facebook, the television and your cell phones so that you can lock into the project that is before you. I once heard a pastor say that the only difference between a lightbulb and a laser beam is one is more focused than the other.  This is my Monday Morning Jab and I hope it connects; especially with the writer.

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  1. Excellent point. I strive for that everyday because it is my trial especially dealing with a 6 year old who I constantly have to stay focus and even sometimes my husband (smile). But we can get so much accomplished, powerfully if there is focus. Nothing more powerful then a made up and focused mind.